Behind The Fire by Susan May. Narrated by Hollis McCarthy


A man wants to protect this family. He doesn’t understand what he is fighting. Hw only knows he must. In the end, he won’t be alone.

Average Joe is working at a truck rental company. A wife and two babies at home. Content. Somehow it falls to him to rid their town of the danger. Fate. He must finish a job involving destruction for the better good.

Hollis McCarthy does a fantastic job narrating. It’s like you are watching this on TV. Male and female, along with each character’s voice, is very distinct. The characters’ accents and attitudes are so well done. These characters are more defined to me now having listened to this. I previously read it book and the characters were well defined. Hollis brought them to life. Excellent audible.

Deceived by Heena Rathore P.


This is an enticing book to read because of the twist and turns it takes. Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t. The book revolves around 2 young women that can never meet. These two characters are well developed initially. The others you get to know what you need to know. Some in more detail than others.

Abuse, murder and revenge go on throughout the book. Plus there is an underlying weirdness lingering in this book. I voluntarily wrote this review. I would like to thank the publisher and author for my complimentary copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Blood Creek Murder. Winston Radhauser book 6 by Susan Clayton-Goldner


Detective Radhauser is an accomplished detective. He’s been around for awhile. He has good instincts when it comes to people. Detective Radhauser is also the lead detective in the small town he resides and works in. All cases are his. Life gets very complicated when new cases and old cases get entwined. This was my favorite of the six books. Each book is stand alone so you do not have to read them in order.

Night at Key West, Simon Wolfe Mystery



Private Investigator Simon Wolfe is just starting as a P.I. He’s a serious wannabe novelist that has to earn a living somehow. The time is four years after prohibition ends. The place is Key West of course.

Night at Key West is a Film Noir that hasn’t made it to the big screen yet. I can not think of another way to describe the atmosphere of Night at Key West. That’s how I felt as I read and listened to it.

Night at Key West, A Simon Wolfe mystery is also true. I love true crime. Simon is hired to find out what a friends wife is up to. In the process, he becomes friends with Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is quite a character which comes through clearly in this book/audible.

I enjoyed the audible more. That’s where the Film Noir feel shines. It’s a 5-star book too, but the audible was terrific. This book and audible is a refreshing experience for me. Completely different. You must pay attention because the story has so many twists to it. At the same time, it’s so much fun taking a step back in time.