Source: Passport is needed to prove a persons legal citizenship.   It’s required to get into. Countries everywhere.  Passport can be used for other things.  Epcot (Disney World, Florida) has a program for kids.  Passport around Epcot.  Kids stop at each country.  Some countries has crafts.  The kids get their passport stamped by each country.  The term passport is often used for fun events.


Source: Fortune is a positive word.  Often associated with money.   I’ve made a fortune.   Fortune is also fate.   Fortune tellers and fortune cookies attempt to guess a person’s fortune or future.   To have good fortune or to  wish someone good fortune is have or wish for life to be good.   Some may view it as fortunate to have God’s lght shine upon them.  It’s a step up from wishing someone well.  I wish everyone who reads this good fortune.


Source: Purple is a color.   Colors do represent things.   According The the Disney Evil Queen Malificent it is the color of royalty.   My mom did not like the color purple.  She told me when she was young people were buried in purple.  In the Roman Catholic Church purple is the predominant color during Lent.  The days after Christ died but before he rose.  Easter Sunday purple is gone.  Purple is a sad color to me because of the association I have of it.   It’s a beautiful color.   Malificent is my favorite evil queen.  From my earliest memories it was associated with sad things.   Purple is a beautiful sad color which I actually like.   If someone was to say they feel purple  (Like feeling blue) the translation to me would be they feel dead.


Source: Symbiosis They wake next to each other every day for 20 year’s.  They are grateful for their time together knowing there is not much time left.  She ran the house so wheel getting 3 kids and him up and out of house.  Then she would care for the kids of working moms to lessen the financial burden.  That was so long ago now.  She can now only move an eyebrow to communicate.  He does the best he can to get his kids out.   He goes to her to move her arm into a more comfortable spot.   He feeds her some applesauce with drugs.  It happenehed overnight it seems.  ALS was spoken out loud somewhere by someone.   He regretfully leaves for work when the aid arrives.   He has the sole sorce of income now and forever.


Source: Meaningless which means to have no meaning technically.   What’s the point of a word that has no meaning?  That’s exactly the meaning.  It’s always relative to something.   To me explaining this is meaningless.  I doesn’t do anything for anyone.  It’s defined in the dictionary so why would anyone want to know my explanation of it.  Obviously because it’s the word for the day here but beyond that, no one cares.  It’s meaningless.   Anyone and anything can actually be meaningless for one reason or another.


Source: Symptom is the underlying reason behind something.   Coughing, sneezing and headache are symptoms of a head cold.   A symptom does not always result in a physical or a negative outcome.   People demonstrate symptoms of depression.    Along the same lines symptoms of recovery can be observed.  Symptom is a building block to an outcome  Smiling, positive attitude, feeling hopeful are symptoms of happiness.  Rarely do we use symptom in a positive way.  It’s more comely associate with negative things.  Symptoms of mental and physical disease are the most popular use of symptom vurrently.  The word itself is not negative.  Our society uses it so often in a negative context it’s lost its real meaning.   Symptom is any phenomenon or circumstance accompanying something and serving as evidence of it.
a sign or indication of something.   It is not only for bad situations.