Source: Elixir, the sweet drink that is life itself.  Does this have to be a drink.  Can we just have an elixir that is life itself.  No additional ingredients needed.

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I was born and am currently living. Long Island, NY and Disneyworld are the places I call home. My passion' s are everything scary and my Dachshund, Buddy. I share Buddy with best friend who is also my husband. I know every day is a gift which I cherish.

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  1. Saikia, thank you for the quick reply. Your python code does the job, thank you. I also found out the reason for awk program giving the error: on my Ubuntu machine the installed version is mawk 1.3.3, which has a max NF value of 32767. That, it seems, explains the problem I ennceotured.

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