Purple P.S.

I do like the color purple.   Previously Purple post was what Purple means to me. 

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I was born and am currently living. Long Island, NY and Disneyworld are the places I call home. My passion' s are everything scary and my Dachshund, Buddy.

3 thoughts on “Purple P.S.”

  1. Yes I do have alot of good friends that have my back. Unftltunaoery, they all dislike him. I’ve never really had this strong feeling for any other guy even my past relationship. I don’t know why I’m so hook on him. I feel like I’m doing something wrong by letting him go. Is there something wrong with me.

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    1. If you love someone let them go. If they love you they will come back. My husband came back to me. I let him go because he was miserable. I hated that so I let him go. We are together 34 years. Married 29 of them. We don’t count the three we were apart because we were never that far apart


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