Source: Buff: I find civil war buffs very interesting.   I have a cousin who is a huge civil war buff.  He retired from his medical practice and does civil war reenactments.   Uniforms, horses and whatever weapons they use.   His wife, also a retired doctor, joins him most of the time.  They have been putting together a book of letters written by actual civil war soldiers.   This is fascinating to me.  They learn everything they can and take part in battle reenactments that include sleeping in little tents. This goes above and beyond my comprehension.  They are amazing, passionate people living amazing lives.     We need these people because they keep history alive. My cousins.  The fascinating civil war buffs that used to be medical doctors.


imageSource: Infuse: I love ice cream.  In every way.  You can infuse ice cream with nitrogen.  It is amazing.  Smooth, consistent, creamy texture straight through.  I highly recommend trying it if you ever come across it.  Obviously not many places offer this.  Serious warning ⚠️ to you.  I once had 4 huge mounds of it.  Four different flavors.  The next day I had the worst headache.  I believe it was from too much nitrogen.   The tap beer you get in a bar has CO2 in it.    If not properly adjusted this will give you a horrible headache the next day also.  The same concept.   Two servings is safe.  The waiter did tell me four was too much.  I was letting everyone at the table join in also.  I guess he didn’t think I’d believe him that I’d have a nitrogen hangover the next day. Infuse nitrogen into ice cream!🍨🍦👍👍


imageSource: Impression:  I’m still not blogging for 2 more days.  I also don’t speak to people in the same manner.  I make the statement “we are not speaking” and then continue to speak to that person.

i read another bloggers IMPRESSION Word Prompt response  which got me thinking.  Here I am not blogging because I’m not sure if it will make sense or be any good.   I’m on a high dose of IV steroids that leaves me in a fog so deep time doesn’t exist.

The reality is my impression of everything is altered.  Perhaps I see things differently.  It doesn’t mean I’m different. Your impression of my blog may or may not be altered by me actually sharing these things.  I don’t know.

I said to the other blogger “I don’t care what impressions I leave.”  Clearly I do. Thank you for reading this stream of consciousness.