Who’s That Indie Author? Sojourner McConnell

An amazing woman who works very hard to help Indie Authors.

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Author name:  Sojourner McConnell

Genre:  Fiction

BookThe Path of the Child

Bio:  Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Sojourner McConnell continued to live in Pleasant Grove while raising her three children. In 2000, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She thrived in Phoenix, finding creativity. Now she lives in Winchester, Kentucky with one of her daughters and three of her thirteen grandchildren. She has six grandchildren in Alabama and four in Michigan.

The Path of the Child is Sojourner’s first book. While writing her second book, The Shepherds of Donaldson Park, she was a contributor to the anthology, 31 Days of October.

Sojourner is currently working on two children’s books due out during the latter part of 2017.    

Favorite thing about being a writer: Freeing the characters that are busy sharing their story with me.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:…

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