Last blog for a few days.   Had to do them.

These 2 blogs were important to get up.  I have MS.  I haven’t been doing as well as I should.  I’m doing a steroid IV treatment for 3 more days which leaves me in a feeling miserable, bored, in an nonfunctional haze waiting to take a sleeping pill to sleep tonight and pass this time more quickly.   

It’s not that any of my medical conditions are a secret.  This is not what my blog is about.   This is my Book Review blog.  To everyone reading this, I am more than happy to help you out if you need it or answer questions.  Thanks bloggers.  

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I was born and am currently living. Long Island, NY and Disneyworld are the places I call home. My passion' s are everything scary and my Dachshund, Buddy.

3 thoughts on “Last blog for a few days.   Had to do them.”

    1. I’m sure they will. I was diagnosed in 1991 before it was easy diagnosed. No MRI. No Meds. We’ve come a long way medically since then. Thank you for your well wishes. I hope your mom is doing OK. I had it before my son. I know it was scary for my son at times.

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