The Body Reader by Anne Frasier Audible Narration by Emily Sutton-Smith


Jude Fontaine is at the center of this very suspenseful thriller. Jude is a sister, daughter, victim, tenant and partner. A resilient and resourceful person who never gives up. The odds are use usually against Jude. She just keeps going. Girls disappear. Bodies show up. Jude herself is abducted and assumed dead like so many others. Jude is the only person capable of ending this purely because of who she is.

The narration is captivating. It felt like listening to a TV series since the characters voices were so incredibly distinct. The narrator added suspense to this already intense story with her delivery. I loved this Audible.

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I was born and am currently living. Long Island, NY and Disneyworld are the places I call home. My passion' s are everything scary and my Dachshund, Buddy. I share Buddy with best friend who is also my husband. I know every day is a gift which I cherish.

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