Double Indemnity by James M. Cain

This edition published 1/5/2011.

Original publication 1943.


The time is pre WWII. Walter Huff is an insurance salesman at a time when the man of the house handled all financial matters. Walter Huff is the Nirdlinger’s insurance man.

Double indemnity is collecting on an accidental life insurance policy for double its value which is only possible under certain circumstances. Huff knows how to work the system. Walter and Phylis (Mrs. Nitdlinger) carry out the perfect plan to collect the insurance money. Things get complicated.

This book is completely different from the movie. It is much better. The best way to explain the movie version is to say it’s just a suggestion from the book. It was fun reading a book with an original Copyright 1936 by James M. Cain. It was a different world then. Literally.

This is a thriller with unexpected twists. It gets complex. The characters are mysterious. The ending is awesome.

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