Breakthrough by Micheal C. Grumley


This is an action packed, page turning techno Thriller. “What is that?” is the most commonly asked question. No one knows.

Communication with whales goes to a new level. Allison Shaw is behind this scientific breakthrough. Her and her team have developed a relationship with the two whales that they communicate with.

Naval investigator John Clay is brought in to help find a missing submersible which was lost during a deep sea investigative mission. This task blows up into something that may end our world.

The oceans these whales call home and where the submersible are lost are slowly depleting. The severity of this problem is debatable.

The characters are well developed. Three intense stories remarkably merge into one. Disaster on a global scale. It is happening. Stopping it is where these stories merge.

Great story. This book lost some of it’s intensity when the story changes to the set up for the next book in the series. That aside it’s a page turner I couldn’t put town.

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