Extinction War. Book 7 of the Extinction Files by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, narrated by Bronson Pinchot


The solutions used to kill the latest form of human-created monsters have backfired. Unimaginable creatures are becoming dominant. Everything from giant worms to beetle adversaries. Saving survivors in Europe is paramount. Saving the human race gets harder every day

People opposing the current president are starting a civil war.

Fighting to protect humans is more important to some. Others seek revenge for events of the past.

Everything is a disaster; it seems. Robust and informed leadership, along with incredible bravery, wins. The good overcomes evil once again. The battles with all these new forms of monsters are constant. Safe zones heavily guarded are the answer. People are safe within those guarded areas. Outside these save zones some type of variant, juvenile, Alfa or collaborator will

get you.

The narration is terrific. So many different characters to develop personalities and voices. You know which character is center stage at any time. The narrator can bring every aspect alive. Extinction War (book 7 of Tue Extinction Files series) is a stay up all night until you are done. I’m grateful this isn’t over. Another three books are now available picking up eight years later