Swan Song byRober R. McCammon


Swans Song is an apoplectic post book. The title of this book comes from the nickname of the main character. Sue Wanda Prescott is Swan. An ordinary girl, so she thinks, who loves growing plants. Her life is transient because her mom drags her from place to place, depending on mom’s current boyfriend.

There are many well-developed characters I’m Swans Song. All of the characters revolve around Swan’s existence during the seven hard years following the nuclear holocaust that destroys the entire USA. This book is similar to The Stand in many ways. Good versus evil, along with the incredible desire to live.

It’s a bleak way to live. Society seems to evolve naturally. Small towns pop up. Militias and gangs surface. Destruction for the sack their gain is the only thing that matters to the armies and gangs.

Swan and many other characters are just trying their best to survive. On top of the armies and gangs, pure evil exists in various human forms doing his best to destroy all that is good.

While apocalypse happens, there is a magical underbelly that is slowly exposed. Many characters have a role in the unveiling of this good magical underbelly. Swan is at the center of all things good.

I really enjoyed this book. Characters come and go. Most of the people are traveling to somewhere else usually on foot—the chapters alternate between the lives of many characters. I didn’t want to put Swans Song down. It is a long book at 919 pages. Swan Song is a book that does need all these pages to tell the story of Swans Song. I will reread this one day.

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