Shallow Graves (Book 1 in the Haunted Book series) by Patrick Logan


Everyone has a bad day. Robert Watts, the main character, is having a horrible day. Robert finds himself a single parent with absolutely nothing. No job, house, wife, or money.

Is the saying if one door closes, another opens true? Hopefully, it is valid for Robert’s sake. Robert has no choice but to take action on the offer a stranger brings him. Robert must take care of an aunt Ruth. An aunt Robert never knew existed. Aunt Ruth is elderly and in poor health. Robert and his daughter must move into the Harlop Estate to live in and care for Aunt Ruth. When Ruth dies, he gets everything. This is not Robert’s choice, but it is the only option left.

Robert’s duties are full caretaker duties. Robert and his daughter are living in an old mansion that has not

witnessed upkeep in a long time. On top of all these strange things happen. Robert and his daughter Amy realize Ruth is not the only one in this house.

I love haunted house books. Great haunted house books are rare

Shallow Graves is a found treasure. I love it. The plot is unique with well-defined characters.

This as an intense page-turner. I’m looking forward to.future books on this series. People are buried 6 feet under for a reason.

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