Forgotten Creek. A Winston Radhauser Mystery # 10 by Susan Clayton-Goldberg


Releasing on May 18, 2021

Detective Radhauser lives and works in the smallish town of Ashland, Oregon.  This book does pick up where 9 left off.  You learn all you need to know inside this book, making Forgotten Creek a stand-alone book.
Detective Radhauser (Known as Wind by family and friends) is a compassionate man both about life and his job.  Wind has his intense way of working a case.  Meticulous and detail-oriented, Radhauser puts puzzle pieces together others may not see.
Forgotten Creek is about forgotten people otherwise considered the homeless.  People of Ashland know they exist, but the homeless are part of a different lifestyle that citizens prefer to ignore.  Winston Radhauser, having just returned from a trip, finds himself at a second homeless person’s murder.  Radhauser, being senior detective, gets the order to take the lead on both murders, which Winston does reluctantly, not wanting to offend his very competent junior partner who caught the first murder in Wind’s absence. This new case is getting too much coverage.  His boss tells Radhauser just to solve it.  Unfortunately for all involved, what is desired is not always what is right.
Tension at the police station is the result of Radhauser taking the lead.  Homeless are protesting since the victims are homeless.  The protests are disturbing an otherwise quiet town.  Radhauser can’t just do his job.  He has pressure from above to make an arrest. 
Things in Ashland do not improve as Detective Radhauser follows orders.  Tenacious Radhauser continues his investigation until he is satisfied.  Radhauser is working against authority and time to find the truth.  An arrest does not end a case for this detective.  Radhauser must know he has the murderer. 
This book is unpredictably eventful.  Intertwining lives unfold as tensions rise.  Detective Radhauser does not give up until he is content with the result. The detective works endless hours and travels wherever the case takes him.  Detective Radhauser is a resourceful cowboy detective who has become my favorite character.