#blogmas Day 15

“Mary Did You Know?” By The Singing ContRactor’s

”Mary Did You Know?”

I think.not but I don’t know.

Christmas is a time to grow spiritually. ”Mary Did You Know?” is a favorite song of mine. The old testament has the prophecies. Is it possible for the human mind to comprehend these prophecies that can happen to them? The Holy Family is the central focus of Christmas Day. At the time, did they know? Did Mary see the path Jesus would inevitably take? I don’t think so. They evolved into what was to be. Along the way, Mary, our Holy Mother, knew she was special. The magnitude of what was to come would be so overwhelming. Mary had the miracle, baby Jesus. He was the most joyful.miracle. On that day, that was all Mary knew.

To Those I Love In Heaven

I love this sign. It’s not sad but a way of remembering all the people that aren’t here this Christmas. I’m 55. I lost four very close friends ranging from 49 to 65 this year .I didn’t think I was at THAT age yet when so many friends die.

A little tribute to them:

Crissi Falco. Age 54. Complications of Lupus. Aside from my mom, Crissi was so devastating. My best friend since third grade. Always giving and never complaining. Even when things got bad. I miss Crissi every day and talk to her often.

Tom Kelly. Age 65. Pancreatic cancer. Five weeks from diagnosis to death. He just retired. Tom.never collected one retirement check. This man has been my next-door neighbor for 24 years. We had agreed we grow old together here. All the houses around us have turned over to younger people. Tom has three kids in their 20’s. It was only five years ago their mom Dawn died from ALS. I miss her so much also.

Where were you on 9/11/2001?   I was at a weekday mass with my field Kathy Wolf. She lost her 25-year fight with cancer this year at 56 years old.

The most difficult is my friend and ally Chris Ross. 49. He always had this disorder that made his face very red. We had no idea it was blood cancer. His wife, someone I love as a sister, beat aggressive bowl cancer last year.  Inside of a month Chris’s organs started shutting down. Then he was gone. A man of true integrity. We were involved in many youth sports activity boards and fundraising together. I met his brother Rick and his husband Bill. They live in California. I gained two friends. I’m in New York so they aren’t local.

All of these people left amazing families behind. This will be the first Christmas for all of us without them. Only the good die young or maybe it’s only the good get to die young. Their struggles are over. This year I am remembering each one in Heaven.

A much better place. I love you all!



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