Assignment Paris by Craig A. Hart with S.J. Varengo (Book 2 in the SpyCo series)


Spy vs, spy. Fast moving. Action packed. Perry Hall, the main character, is a grieving widower. He’s also a top notch spy for SpyCo. Perry is the guy used for the worst cases. Don’t know if he has no fear or just doesn’t care. SpyCo’s spy’s are going missing. Perry is called in to find out why and where. The where is somewhere in Paris.

Perry Hall is a natural spy. He has great instincts. This is second nature to him. Code names. Gadgets. Spy skills. It’s all in included. James Bond American style.

The characters are well defined. The story flow is so smooth which makes this book easy read. This is the second book in the SpyCo series. It reads as a stand alone book. The details from the first book are well incorporated into this story. I have to read the first book myself. Looking forward to that and the following books.

The Mother-in-law by Judy Moore


The perfect man! What about his mom? He thinks she’s perfect. She’s not. New husband, town, home and family. This is the dream life Victoria thinks she’s walking into after marrying Brad. Victory’s life slowly turns into a living nightmare.

Suspenseful. Well developed characters.  Page turner. What a plot. The house they live in is so crucial it becomes its own character.

Best Seller by Susan May


THE book to read. One of the cherished page turners you cannot put down. A brand new, original spin on how to become a best selling author. Nem is the main character. She’s had a hard life. William is a best selling author. Nem decides it’s time for her to be an best selling author. Paths cross. Lives are destroyed while others flourish. Can it just be luck? What’s the price of success? The characters are very well developed. This is a suspense filled thriller.   Holy S*%@ Great Ending!  Each chapter leaves you wanting more..

Thank you Susan May for my advanced copy of Best Seller. This is my voluntary written review reflecting only my view.

Decisive Sunset. A Joey Moretti Novel by Jack Krega



Joey Moretti is back in true form. The fourth book in this series. Joey is a nice man desiring a quiet life which is close to impossible when you are born into
a big time organized crime family. That’s all in Joey’s past. He’s with the women he loves. Life is moving along. Then the Moretti name pulls him back in. Joey’s cousin is the end of the line when it comes to the family business. He is sick and under attack. Joey is called upon once again to do what he does. Anything it takes to put a stop to the problem. This one hits home and Joey has a lot to protect. As is Joey’s nature he patiently and tactfully gets to the bottom of things. Always action packed and fast paced. Surprise at the beginning and surprise at the end.