LAKE OF THE DEAD Winston Radhauser Series, #5 Susan Clayton-Goldner


Lake of the Dead is a whirlwind of a suspenseful thriller. Detective Winston Radhouser is a tenacious investigator. Radhouser is the detective in a small Oregon town.

High school senior Parker Collins is missing.

Parker’s close friend is anxious and the person who goes to Radhauser demanding he helps her. Radhauser and this friend, Rishima Reynolds, have history from a previous case. The detective knows he should take her seriously.

As the investigation starts Radhauser is either getting an extreme amount of cooperation or very little depending who he is dealing with. The extremes of cooperation make things confusing and complicated. Early on Radhauser realizes all is not what it seems. The further into the case the more complicated it gets. Nothing makes sense.

The twists and turns are unexpected. Lake of the Dead is a page-turner that can’t be put down. This suspenseful thriller will leave the reader stunned over and over again.

Lake of the Dead is the fifth book in this series but is a stand-alone book. The author fills in all the details needed to understand this book thoroughly.

Serenity Betrayed. A Shelby Alexander Thriller by Craig A Hart


In today’s world this is a scary thriller. I was stunned by some of the events. Each turn of a page is beyond predictable which makes Serenity Betrayed an intense page turner.

Serenity is a quiet town Shelby Alexander retired to after his boxing career. Shelby fell into the job of fixer which he can’t get away from. His best friend

Jerry MacIntyre or Mack is a retired Detroit cop. Shelby and Mack make a great team.

Shelby is called by the mayor to supplement his security team. Mayor Richards thinks something is going on and doesn’t trust his normal security. Upon arriving at the mayors, Shelby is surprised to see Mack has also been hired.

Shelby and Mack wind up in quite an awkward as well as bad situation while providing this added security. Shelby knows something is wrong,

Strangely wrong. Who to trust is the question.

Shelby and Mack are so good at what they do they uncover a horrible plot that will cost them their lives. The people behind it all will never allow the truth to get out. They must die.

Shelby and Mack were budding heads with the FBI earlier in the case. According to the FBI “Richards could have been a bit more discerning when he selected his security detail.” Referring to Shelby and Mack of course.

This does not help in cultivating a team effort.

This can be read as a stand alone book. Shelby Alexander has evolved through these 6 books and is one of my favorite characters. The characters are mysterious iwith the exception of Shelby and Mack. This is a fast easy read. Excitement and anxiety flows throughout. Now I’m waiting for #7.

Orbs 4 Exodus by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Anthony J. Melchiorri. Audible by Bronson Pinchot


Exodus is the 4th and final book in the Orbs series. This is an apocalyptic sci-Fi thriller that ends this addictive ride. 🙁. I miss these books. There is nothing like the first read of a series you love. I had to get the Audible because I couldn’t wait to be able to actually read the book. Life gets in the way.

Dr. Sophie Winston is the main character throughout the series. There are a lot of characters. Most well defined. Some just passing through. The characters are so well written they become true people. Friends you root for. This final installment adds some incredible imagination to some new charters I’ll never forget.

The Exodus lets the reader finally see behind the scenes so to speak. Evading the beings trying to kill mankind is thrilling to the reader, terrifying to the characters.

So much has happened to get here. Way back in the first book there was a very insightful character who is suddenly front stage again. He is the reason for this final book. It gets hard to be sure of who the good guys are.

The Audible is excellent. The narrator plays the character parts well. No problem following who is who. The vocalized sound affects are intense. I’ll never forget some of them. I highly recommend the book and Audible. What an awesome experience.


Orbs 3 Redemption by Nicholas Sansbury Smith plus the Audible


Redemption is the third book in the Orbs series. Dr Sophie Winston continues to be the main character. Many other strong characters have come and and gone. Nothing will deter Sophie from saving the human race.

Action packed page turner like its predecessors, Orbs 1 & Orbs 2. This is an evolving story that keeps pushing forward fast. That’s why it’s so addicting. The aliens taking over earth are beyond anything anyone understands. Until this new plan Redemption is hatched. Redemption is the plan to save earth. You will have to read it to see how that goes.

When I can’t read these I listen to the Audibles. Sometimes life just gets in the way. The narrator does an amazing job giving this book life. I will never forget the way the narrator adds the necessary sound effects which are vividly described in these books.

Hunger by Jane Lebak & Elissa Strati


This is an engaging story that pulls you right in. Sarah, Who would blend into any crowd because she is so unremarkable, is the main character in this supernatural tale. Sarah is a waitress at the Last Chance Diner in Dry Creek, Texas. She has not had an easy life. A strange turn of events ensures her life will not get better soon.

“It” attaches to Sarah. What is “It”? You will have to read Hunger to find out. “It” is mischievous, evil, jealous, possessive and deadly. Sarah’s life revolves around “It”.

Hunger is a quick easy read. I loved this story. A fun and original story filled with suspense and drama. I will never forget “It”.

The Hubley Case by J. Lee


This book takes off running with the murder of Peter Hubley while in Brazil. Who is Peter Hubley and why was he murdered is not the only mystery. Everything surrounding this murder is bizarre.

FBI Special Agent Nikki Benton is assigned to this confusing case for unknown reasons. Ex

marine Ben Siebert, friend of Peter Hubley and his family, gets a call from the new widow to find answers she’s not getting from anyone. Benton and Siebert are both investigating this devastating crime. Turns out the murder of Peter Hubley is a symptom of a much bigger crime. Bodies are piling up. No one is cooperating with each other.

Friction builds between Benton and Siebert. Siebert is increasingly frustrated over the constant dead ends and the fact Siebert seems to always be ahead of her in the investigation. Why is Benton’s concern.

There is a lot going on in this book. Unknown covert operations are thrown into the mix. Who’s innocent? Who’s at the heart of this turmoil? This is a complicated page turner that will keep you guessing.