Source: Farce.  People lead different lives.  Productive, eventful, exciting, dramatic.  Me,  mine is a farce.

Mother in law called stating she had wining lottery ticket.
She did. When we got there printed on ticket is Winning numbers for (date).  She did not notice that. We were not millionaires and late for work with that excuse.
Christmas. Running late to get to family diner. Anyone grab gifts? “Yes” from someone. As  turn on to a busy street I see the gifts flying off the roof of the car! My bad. I should have said “in” the car.
Pulling out of my parking spot at Costco in my new van. People are waving and pointing. Never shut the back van door. Thought it had a button on dash that did that.  No.  Not my van.


Source: Precipice:   I love books.  I long for that great read.   The book that I can’t put down.   Bring me to the precipice  of the book.  What it’s all leading to.  Can the author take it home from there?   If that author can get to that cliff , A.K.A cliffhanger, not let go and die there. Stay on that cliff.  At the precipice of the story and bring that story to its end. That’s mine kind of book.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel.

Source: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel.:My husband and I are Disney World Fanatics.  So are many of our friends.  Uncommon pictures:

Disney Vacation Club Vero Beach
Hollywood Studios Old light show
Frozen Castle
Christmas Parade
Best Friends Pet Car VIP suite
Toy Soldier and us
The Dark Side
Princesses are everywhere
Tierra & Maleficent ears of course
Buzz Lightyear Mania


Source: Qualm: I never have any qualms  about blogging.  Except for today.  I had notifications that didn’t go with my posts.  Some in French.  What am I to do.    Image having qualms  with your own blog.  First I reached out to support which was busy.   I do not want these oddities on my blog.   There it is!   The answer right in front of me.  Select spam from unde the post.   It’s goes away!   No more qualms about blogging.  Now I can enouou this again.


Source: Collaboration : I still consider myself new to blogging.  I started blindly in January.   I now understand blogging to be a collaboration of people.  We feed off and rely on each other.  This is how we grow as bloggers. By collaborating with other bloggers.  We meet virtually and participate in each others blogs.  All of us together are a collaboration to make our own blog visible to more people.  Fellow bloggers thank you for this collaboration.