Best Seller by Susan May Narrated by Steve Marvel


Best Seller is an original thriller with a great ending. Few books have great ends of this caliber. The chapters are well defined and intense,

The narrator adds to the intensity of Best Seller by bringing the ever-changing depth of each character to life. Multiple storylines make Best Seller something will listen to nonstop.

Keep Her Close by Erik Therme


Keep Her Close is a scary, suspenseful page-turner because in today’s work it can happen. A little abandon girl nene Ally is found and rescued by a loving couple. Ally’s adoptive parents are divorced, so life gets complicated with mom, dad, and stepdad.

Ally would love to find her dad. Learn what happened to him. Miraculously Ally gets a letter from her supposed biological dad. Things get scary crazy after this. Ally disappears.

The characters are well defined. Ally id a trusting, innocent girl sharing her first apartment with her best friend. Ally has no idea what lies ahead. Good intentions aren’t always what they seem. Keep Het Close is full of twists and mouth dropping turns.