Behind Dark Doors. The Complete Collection by Susan May


Eighteen short stories total.  It is impossible to pick a favorite out of these eighteen stories.  They are all completely different from one another.  Varying lengths. Twilight Zone feel to them.  Many of them leave you wanting more.   Leaving unanswered questions.  I loved this collection.   I will be reading them again and hope the author comes out with another collection or expands on some of those that left me longing for answers. Ending another good book.  Saying goodbye to this new friend that I enjoyed spending my time with.  Off to find a mother one.


Source: Bitter: On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet:A Novel by Jamie Ford is about the bitter and sweet things that happened to Japenese People in America after Pearl Harbor was bombed pulling America into WWII.  Japanese people were forced to move to Interment Camps leaving their possessions and life behind.  Americans often did what they could to help.   There is a coffee shop that allowed Japanese people to store their belongings in there basement.   The actual story behind as a love story that started between an American boy and Japanese girl before the war.   War is bitter.   Humankind is sweet.