Orbs by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


This is an incredible book. I am loving the series which started with this page turner. Orbs is a unique apocalyptic story. Centering around a Bioshere project that turns into more than anyone involved signed up for.  The characters are well defined. Each one becomes a real person. Not just some character in a book. Action packed from the first chapter.

I started this book having no idea what it was even about. A friend recommended it. I’m addicted to this series now. Reading this page turner here or there, whenever I can.

The Body Counter by Anne Frasier. Book #2 in the Jude Fontaine Detective Series


This is the second book in The Detective Jude Fontaine Detective Series. It’s written as a stand alone book. Everything is explained so those new to this series will know everything necessary to follow this story.

Detective Jude Fontaine is the main character partnered with Detective Uriah Ashby. Together they are tasked with figuring out who is behind killing people with what seems to be some random reasoning. Both detectives are dealing with a difficult past. Jude more so than Uriah. Jude is

somewhat of a celebrity, not by her own choice. Both detectives are battling their past while trying to effectively solve this case with a rising body count.

The characters are well developed. Complex and interesting plot. Fast paced page turner. I did not want to it this down.

The Strange Curse of Breda by Steven Arnett


Breda, Michigan is a small town that was cursed a long time ago. Nothing has ever happened in this small town where everyone knows each other until recently. Murders start causing residents to fear for their lives. Is this from that curse or something else?

Jim Leiden is the main character in this puzzling murder mystery. With each page the suspense builds as the plot thickens. Multiple law enforcement agencies become involved. This Breda Murders gets national attention

This is one of those books that’s starts out good. Suddenly it’s a page turner you don’t want to put down. The characters are well defined. The author really puts a lot of effort into establishing his characters to the point he actually adds the appropriate accent when necessary. A southern accent has Ah for I.

This is a captivating story that continually builds. It’s impossible to figure out where this story will go as you read it. I really enjoyed the suspense building aspect. It creeps up on you. Complex plot which is so well written it’s an easy read.

Breakthrough by Micheal C. Grumley


This is an action packed, page turning techno Thriller. “What is that?” is the most commonly asked question. No one knows.

Communication with whales goes to a new level. Allison Shaw is behind this scientific breakthrough. Her and her team have developed a relationship with the two whales that they communicate with.

Naval investigator John Clay is brought in to help find a missing submersible which was lost during a deep sea investigative mission. This task blows up into something that may end our world.

The oceans these whales call home and where the submersible are lost are slowly depleting. The severity of this problem is debatable.

The characters are well developed. Three intense stories remarkably merge into one. Disaster on a global scale. It is happening. Stopping it is where these stories merge.

Great story. This book lost some of it’s intensity when the story changes to the set up for the next book in the series. That aside it’s a page turner I couldn’t put town.

Double Indemnity by James M. Cain

This edition published 1/5/2011.

Original publication 1943.


The time is pre WWII. Walter Huff is an insurance salesman at a time when the man of the house handled all financial matters. Walter Huff is the Nirdlinger’s insurance man.

Double indemnity is collecting on an accidental life insurance policy for double its value which is only possible under certain circumstances. Huff knows how to work the system. Walter and Phylis (Mrs. Nitdlinger) carry out the perfect plan to collect the insurance money. Things get complicated.

This book is completely different from the movie. It is much better. The best way to explain the movie version is to say it’s just a suggestion from the book. It was fun reading a book with an original Copyright 1936 by James M. Cain. It was a different world then. Literally.

This is a thriller with unexpected twists. It gets complex. The characters are mysterious. The ending is awesome.

Bury Me In Montauk by Jay Dowski


This is a whirlwind of a thriller. The chase is on right from the start, which is an incredible surprise to the main character, Jack Miller. Jack is content just getting by in life. A life which changes in a moment for Jack while he is out doing his job delivering flowers.

Bury Me In Montauk is Jack’s dad’s final wish. Jack is tasked with carrying this out. For some reason Jack is being chased while trying to do this.

The books locations are all real. This makes the book more interesting since it is geographically driven. The reader learns real facts about the whole area the characters are in.

This is more than just a thriller. The reader also goes on an emotional journey with Jack. I haven’t come across many books with this added element which is very engrossing. It’s more than what happens to Jack Miller. His personal journey as he gets through these events is a major part of this book.

The main characters are well defined. Others you find out what you need to when you need it. The suspenseful action doesn’t stop.

I loved this book. It is an entertaining page turner and an easy read. It has a complex plot that keeps you guessing with an awesome ending. One of those you never forget.

Favorite quote from this book:

“Your life is your life. May it be a masterpiece of experience and nothing else.” This quote sums up this book so well.

Linsey’s Story by Stephen King. Audible Narration by Mare Winningham. Released 9/25/2006


A Stephen King hit. The events already happened. The main character, Linsey, tells the story as a flashback. It centers around her life with her very well known dead author husband Scott. Linsey also has 3 sisters, each having their own unique personality.

What is reality really? How do you know if other realities exist. Maybe some people can go to the another reality. Can anyone actually handle two different realities and stay sane?

Steven King is takes the reader to Castlerock, Maine. Scott is dead. Linsey is left to sort through his office at the same time dealing with her sisters varying personalities. So many people are interested in Scott’s work. Some crazy people. Much of this book is about the skeletons in Scott’s closet. Very horrible skeletons.

I listened to the Audible version read by Mare Winningham. This was so well done I was trying to stay awake at night to keep going. A page turner I guess you could say. What an awesome experience this one was.