Source: Blindly

i go through life blindly.

EVeryone actually does.

On a day to day basis anything can happen.  People make plans.  They may have a life plan. That’s fine. People need this for sense of control.   No one knows what is to come.  I’ve accepted that I walk blindly through life and accept what comes.   It’s better than fighting for something beyond your control.


Source: Tenacious

Dacshunds are bred to hunt badgers. The hound follows a scent. I have a Dachshund.   He does not give up or forget a scent.   A chipmunk ran up the molding of our new shed.  This 20 pound dog started ripping off that molding to get to this chipmunk.  Luckily we were in the yard when it happened.  We were stunned when we looked toward the odd noise.   My husband ran over and grabbed him.  My dog did not want to let go or forget.  We blocked our shed off for 3 weeks.  Finally the attack on the shed to get to the problem animal was over.  I assume the scent finally faded and he moved on.  The most tenacious dog Is a Dachshund.   They will not give up.

Resthaven by Erik Therme 

Resthaven is not a restful haven. It is a nightmare for a group of misfits. You learn a little here and there about each character. Kaylee, reluctantly, eventually becomes the main character. A scavenger hunt set up by, Jamie, who’s owner of this property through her parents estate under her not so caring Aunt and uncles guardianship. It’s Jamie’s way or no way. When her so called friends won’t play her way she locks them in what she believes to be a deserted nursing home. There’s is no way out. The living nightmare begins.



Source: Heal

To make well in any way.

To heal the body.

To heal the soul.

To heal a relationship or friendship.

To find a way to heal damage caused from illnesses.

To heal the blind and the deaf.

what a wonderful world it would be!


Source: Denial

Denial is to decide something didn’t happen.   Sometimes a person doesn’t even know they are in denial.  This can often lead to various problems.  Denial being the underlying cause.   It can be difficult to find out and confront personal denial.  At the same time it is part of a person survival skills.   To face something may be to much to handle.  The denial process kicks in automatically.  This is why a person may not even know about their denial.

Pause Pause is a wonderful thing to do to enjoy life.   Once a day just pause and take everything in.   This moment that you are pausing for will never happen again.   Pause to see and feel everything around in.  Absorb life with occasional pauses.

Source: Pause

Pause is a wonderful thing to do to enjoy everyday life. Once a day just pause to take everything in. This moment that you have paused for will never happen again. Pause to see and feel everything around you.