Source: Symptom is the underlying reason behind something.   Coughing, sneezing and headache are symptoms of a head cold.   A symptom does not always result in a physical or a negative outcome.   People demonstrate symptoms of depression.    Along the same lines symptoms of recovery can be observed.  Symptom is a building block to an outcome  Smiling, positive attitude, feeling hopeful are symptoms of happiness.  Rarely do we use symptom in a positive way.  It’s more comely associate with negative things.  Symptoms of mental and physical disease are the most popular use of symptom vurrently.  The word itself is not negative.  Our society uses it so often in a negative context it’s lost its real meaning.   Symptom is any phenomenon or circumstance accompanying something and serving as evidence of it.
a sign or indication of something.   It is not only for bad situations.


Source: Acceptance is often the hardest thing to do.  Acceptance of changes in ones life can be overwhelming.  What is in acceptace?  Basically the ability to embrace something.  Death, illness, failure and even success are a sampling of life’s possible acceptances that people have trouble embracing.   I can accept the fact that I have much to learn in this life.  I can not accept that I haven’t done my best in the past ar being open to new things.   Acceptance is different for everyone.  Acceptance is also a very personal thing.


Source: Conquer

To overcome obstacles.   Physical or physiological.  The later being more difficult.   The mental battles are so often invisible even to the actual person.   No one is born  conquer. It is learned through personal successes and failures.  Each a building block to help a person improve their ability to conquer both physical and mental battles.    These building blocks aren’t always made from success.  We learn more from failure sometimes.

Deadly Messengers Audio by Susan May. Narration by Anne Johnson

I loved Deadly Messengers when I read it the first time. Listening to this narration brought the book to life. I found myself actually laughing out loud in a couple of spots. This is not a funny story but there are a couple of comical scenes. The narrator did an amazing job changing her voice for the different characters. Her narrative took on the character and that characters personality perfectly. I enjoyed this more than reading it. Certain lines just stay with you in this book. The narration enhanced that. The characters are really well developed. The plot will take you places you will not believe.
I will keep this one to enjoy again.


The Cthulhu Child by David Brian

The Cthulhu Child is a story that proceeds a series of short stories. 21st century twilight zone. I thought I was reading the titled story that left my mouth hanging open as I turned the page to see a new story. Some of them are true life scary. Every one was a great read. You have no idea what’s coming. I wanted to read something by this author. Many people recommended as s starter book. I am now a fan of David Brian.

Ruler of Demons By Scott A Lerner (Samuel Roberts #2)

An awesome thriller. Good versus evil. The main character, Sam,is pulled into a situation he wants nothing to do with. He brings his friend, Bob, along. There is a serial killer on the loose. What starts out as a black and white mystery turns into a back stabbing fight to achieve control over all eternity. The characters are all well developed. Fast passed book. This is the second book. I am looking forward to reading the first one Cocaine Zombies.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Susan May for nominating me. Her FB page is
I am honored for the nomination.

7 Things About Me

1) I am a new blogger and still have no idea what I’m doing.

2)I have a standard Dachshund named Buddy. He runs the house.

3) I have learned SO much during this #MTW process going back to last year. Just like my blog I have no idea how I got here but an Grateful
for the experience.

4) I have met many amazing people.

5) My favorite color is yellow.

6) I LOVE ice cream.

7) I am a New York Giants, Islanders and Mets fan.


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