Shallow Graves (Book 1 in the Haunted Book series) by Patrick Logan


Everyone has a bad day. Robert Watts, the main character, is having a horrible day. Robert finds himself a single parent with absolutely nothing. No job, house, wife, or money.

Is the saying if one door closes, another opens true? Hopefully, it is valid for Robert’s sake. Robert has no choice but to take action on the offer a stranger brings him. Robert must take care of an aunt Ruth. An aunt Robert never knew existed. Aunt Ruth is elderly and in poor health. Robert and his daughter must move into the Harlop Estate to live in and care for Aunt Ruth. When Ruth dies, he gets everything. This is not Robert’s choice, but it is the only option left.

Robert’s duties are full caretaker duties. Robert and his daughter are living in an old mansion that has not

witnessed upkeep in a long time. On top of all these strange things happen. Robert and his daughter Amy realize Ruth is not the only one in this house.

I love haunted house books. Great haunted house books are rare

Shallow Graves is a found treasure. I love it. The plot is unique with well-defined characters.

This as an intense page-turner. I’m looking forward to.future books on this series. People are buried 6 feet under for a reason.

Swan Song byRober R. McCammon


Swans Song is an apoplectic post book. The title of this book comes from the nickname of the main character. Sue Wanda Prescott is Swan. An ordinary girl, so she thinks, who loves growing plants. Her life is transient because her mom drags her from place to place, depending on mom’s current boyfriend.

There are many well-developed characters I’m Swans Song. All of the characters revolve around Swan’s existence during the seven hard years following the nuclear holocaust that destroys the entire USA. This book is similar to The Stand in many ways. Good versus evil, along with the incredible desire to live.

It’s a bleak way to live. Society seems to evolve naturally. Small towns pop up. Militias and gangs surface. Destruction for the sack their gain is the only thing that matters to the armies and gangs.

Swan and many other characters are just trying their best to survive. On top of the armies and gangs, pure evil exists in various human forms doing his best to destroy all that is good.

While apocalypse happens, there is a magical underbelly that is slowly exposed. Many characters have a role in the unveiling of this good magical underbelly. Swan is at the center of all things good.

I really enjoyed this book. Characters come and go. Most of the people are traveling to somewhere else usually on foot—the chapters alternate between the lives of many characters. I didn’t want to put Swans Song down. It is a long book at 919 pages. Swan Song is a book that does need all these pages to tell the story of Swans Song. I will reread this one day.

Red Hatchet Falls by Susan Clayton-Goldner


Detective Radhauser Is on duty once again, solving horrific crimes. This story takes place not long after 9/11. People are ill at ease in general. The fear amplifies when any aspect of Muslim life arises. Some think all Muslims are terrorists. Detective Radhauser is doing everything he can to correct this misconception.

Detective Radhauser is the detective in a small town in Oregon. An acquaintance, Homer Sullivan, brings disturbing evidence to the detective. The connotations of this evidence Homer Sullivan bought him are very serious,

The evidence is a human hand. The investigation gets things going into high gear. If the owner

of this hand is still alive, they must find All hands on deck to find out.

Radhauser is trying to solve murders and stop the bias against Muslims at the same time. Radhauser has a wife, two kids, and lives on a ranch. Like most dads, he’s trying to balance family and work obligations.

Radhauser is also dealing with the 9/11 backlash.

Unfortunately, another hand shows up. Radhauser has the added possibility that this is. A hate crime.

Life is complicated. Radhauser is there for family, friends, and his job.

This book covers a difficult time in our country. The author does a fantastic job portraying everyday life in a small town in our country after 9/11. All the characters are well developed, and there are some real characters in this book.

Cliffhangers throughout this book make it a page-turner. Red Hatchet Falls is the first book I’ve read that brings up 9/11. I am a New Yorker personally affected by the terror of that day. I’ve taken a while to gather my thoughts to write this review. I never thought about how middle America was affected until I read Red Hatchet Falls.

I recommend this book to everyone.

The author has written a murder mystery thriller taking place during an uncertain time in America. Red Hatchet Falls hit the nail on the head. Susan Clayton-Goldner really hit the ball out of the park with Red Hatcher Falls.

Extinction War. Book 7 of the Extinction Files by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, narrated by Bronson Pinchot


The solutions used to kill the latest form of human-created monsters have backfired. Unimaginable creatures are becoming dominant. Everything from giant worms to beetle adversaries. Saving survivors in Europe is paramount. Saving the human race gets harder every day

People opposing the current president are starting a civil war.

Fighting to protect humans is more important to some. Others seek revenge for events of the past.

Everything is a disaster; it seems. Robust and informed leadership, along with incredible bravery, wins. The good overcomes evil once again. The battles with all these new forms of monsters are constant. Safe zones heavily guarded are the answer. People are safe within those guarded areas. Outside these save zones some type of variant, juvenile, Alfa or collaborator will

get you.

The narration is terrific. So many different characters to develop personalities and voices. You know which character is center stage at any time. The narrator can bring every aspect alive. Extinction War (book 7 of Tue Extinction Files series) is a stay up all night until you are done. I’m grateful this isn’t over. Another three books are now available picking up eight years later

Extinction Red Line by Nicholas Sansbury Smith narrated by Bronson Pinchot


Extinction Red Line is the prequel to the Extinction Cycle Series. This prequel is an addition to the original series.

It clarifies how the variant world started. A team of soldiers ordered to inject themselves to protect them from chemical warfare in Vietnam. The team, following orders, turned into something unspeakable.

A British reporter decides to investigate a Vietnamese superstition about a White Ghost of some sort. This reporter is Vietnamese and wants to investigate the truth behind the legend that he knows of from when he lived there. He becomes an overnight success but at a very high price.

His story, in a British paper, sets in motion a series of events that saves the reporter. The cost of this story is human lives. Americans much clean up what they left behind.

The narrator has to do various accents to bring this book to life. The narrator brings Extinction Red Line to life in a fantastic way. The author did a tremendous job with this prequel.

Abandon by Blake Crouch


Abandon is a town way up in high altitude mountains where oxygen is much thinner. The book alternates between past and present. Something precious has been there since the town was booming 1n the 1800’s. There seems to be something worth dying killing for,

Abandon is not an easy place to journey. A guide must take those wanting to do there on a long and dangerous hike. Hikers must bring everything with then. Abandon isn’t just the name of the town. It is abandoned.

Abandon is a scary adventure. The people in this hiking party all have different agendas. This town is dead. No one ever knew where all the people went. That is part of the attraction of this town.

All is revealed both from the past and present. Not everyone gets to go home after this adventure. Those that do are changed forever.

Serenity Engulfed Book 5 in the Shelby Alexander Serenity series by Craig A Hart


Book 5 of the Shelvy Alexander Serenity series gives us, the readers, a glimpse into the main character, Shelby Alexander’s, past while going through a suspense story happening to Shelby now. Serenity is a quiet town where Shelby was hoping to have a peaceful retirement.

During his time living in Serebity#, he has developed a reputation for being the go-to guy if one requires help. A fixer is his profession. Brute strength is one of Shelby’s go-to defenses. Shelby is not looking for work. He can’t turn anyone away, either.

In this latest book, old enemies return to threaten all that is important to Shelby. A few old characters and some newly introduced. All these characters are well defined. Shelby’s best friend, Mack, a retired Detroit cop, happens to be visiting coincidentally. Serenity Engulfed is a book of never-ending suspense and action for Shelby Alexander Fast read. Serenity Engulfed is a stay up all night read.