Dup Up In Arms (book 2). Prequel to Dup Departs by Gavin Mills



Wow! This is a Historical Dark Thriller.

The author, Gavin Mills, is from South Africa. Mr. MIlls was there as Apartheid ended and new South Africa evolved. This is incorporated into this thriller in such a way that the reader has a clear understanding of what it was actually like to live through this.
Absolutely awesome.

This book is nonstop. It tells the story of the main character, Dup’s, life. A very interesting guy just trying to find his way. The characters are well defined and you will develop strong feelings about them.

This is a Dark Thriller. I can’t put labels on it all. Narcissistic psychopaths, Arms Dealers, corruption. Watch out who your friends are or aren’t. Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is the second book in the Dup series and the prequel to the first book Dup Departs. It can be read as a stand alone book.

I envy you. There’s nothing like the first read of a great book. If you can handle it.

Dup Departs: A TIME TO GO by Gavin Mills


Dup is a good looking, down on his luck, tough guy. Taking place in South Africa, Dup uses local slang along with descriptive vulgarity that sets the mood for the thriller this story is. And it is quite a thriller.

What would you do to take care of your family. Dup has a wife and kids. No income. Dup makes movies but he was pushed out by the competition. Life gets ruff. He has a great friend who helps set him up for a new future. There is hope.

Life, the other four letter word, rarely works out so smoothly. Stuck in a bad situation trading down to a worse situation Dup uses his professional movie skills to survive and hopefully thrive.

This is a dark thriller. The illegal happenings going on in South Africa surround this story. Louanne, another amazing main character, is a stripper with the connections Dup needs to get out from under. So it seems.

Dup Departs is the first of a two book series. The beginning of the book is harsh in many ways. This is the mood of the book. The reader is suddenly immersed in a fast moving, edge of your seat story. I own the second book, Dup Up In Arms: A Prequel To Dup Departs. I can not wait to read this prequel. This is a refreshingly different realistic thriller.

The Lovers Art Portrait: An Art History (Adventures of Zelda Richardson Book 2) by Jennifer S. Anderson



An American college student, Zelda Richardson, is doing a graduate internship at a Museum in Amsterdam. Zelda’s simple college life turns into a nightmare when Zelda gets too involved in her internship assignment. This story takes place in current Amsterdam and flashes back to Nazi occupation Amsterdam.

Artwork was stolen by Nazi’s or hidden from Nazi’s. Finding this artwork and getting it back to their rightful owners is not an easy process. Unsavory people laying claim to found art work makes it even harder. Some people will stop at nothing to get ahold of artwork.

Zelda gets herself in way over her head. Fast paced mystery. The characters are well developed. I haven’t read the first book in this series. No need to. This is a stand alone story. I will be reading the first book of The Adventures of Zelda Richardson now.

Elderhause by Anne Carmichael 

Gertrude Klingenfelter, the main character, has returned to her hometown of Pitch Pine, Pennsylvania after an extended stay in Europe. She purchases a home site unseen before arriving back to Pitch Pine. This house is uninhabitable which was a surprise to Gertrude. This does not mean the house serves no purpose.

Small town. Meeting new and old acquaintances. Life gets complicated. Gertrude has her own personal baggage to deal with. This real estate purchase turns into a nightmare on top of that.

The characters are a well defined. The reader really gets to know about their past and present. This is a page turner. The plot had a whirlwind of surprised.image

The Veiled Soul by Abbie Chandler


What does happen when you die? Where does the grim reaper come from? Who is the grim reaper? This story enters a world that answers all these questions.

Lia, the main character, takes the reader on a journey to answer all these questions. It is a truly strange world. Lia, a reaper, is returned to the living. This is her story.

The characters are well defined. The plot gets complicated as they are introduced. Good versus evil. Which prevails?

Incredibly imaginative. Original story in every way. This
Is a page turner. A true thriller.

Resthaven by Erik Therme 

Resthaven is not a restful haven. It is a nightmare for a group of misfits. You learn a little here and there about each character. Kaylee, reluctantly, eventually becomes the main character. A scavenger hunt set up by, Jamie, who’s owner of this property through her parents estate under her not so caring Aunt and uncles guardianship. It’s Jamie’s way or no way. When her so called friends won’t play her way she locks them in what she believes to be a deserted nursing home. There’s is no way out. The living nightmare begins.


Urban Legion by David Agans


This book is suspenseful and entertaining. You will encounter some real characters. What is the Urban Legion? They are good guys of the 21st century. Entrepreneurs in some ways. Fighting for what they believe in(or desire).
Things are different now a days. Secrets must be kept. Why? From who? Hard to say. We are a demand driven nation. How much would life change If demand for things you never gave a second thought too changed. Perhaps there is a way to enhance your desire to shop. Why stop at that? Who knows the limits. Things are happening out there. Secretly. There are two opposing forces. The corporation in control of this technology will fight for what they believe in(or desire).
Right vs wrong. Good vs evil. Chase scenes beyond imagination. Humor. Incredible characters. This is a fun read!